Bedbikecity join in A Four-Way Dialogue between Dalang and EU

A New Approach of Urbanization in China:The Case of Dalang

The process of urbanization in Europe benefits from diversified approaches,which result in a lively ecosystem comprised of villages,towns,and cities of various sizes.Distinctive from the building-form-scratch way in the United States,European urbanization has to both take into consideration the remarkable cultural traditions,and strive for innovations based on those traditions. This provides China with valueable examples.

In China’s current urbanization movement,Dalang stands not only for a typical industry-based community,but also a representing case of an immigrant society.This dual identity creates both strength and challenges for Dalang in its process of urbanization.Today,with the gathering of domestic and international experts and scholars from the fields of urbanization,urban reinvigoration,social development,and environmental reservation,this forum hopes to bring forth thought provoking conversations about the development of Dalang and China’s urbanization,what we should do and where we can learn from.

The happening of this forum partly relies on the efforts of the volunteers.We hope the forum couldalso help to make known Dalang’s advocacy for “a fashionable silicon valley and an eco-friendly Dalang,”both aiming at boosting the sense of belonging andfulfillment of Dalang’s young workers.