Bedbikecity join in A Four-Way Dialogue between Dalang and EU

A New Approach of Urbanization in China:The Case of Dalang

The process of urbanization in Europe benefits from diversified approaches,which result in a lively ecosystem comprised of villages,towns,and cities of various sizes.Distinctive from the building-form-scratch way in the United States,European urbanization has to both take into consideration the remarkable cultural traditions,and strive for innovations based on those traditions. This provides China with valueable examples.

In China’s current urbanization movement,Dalang stands not only for a typical industry-based community,but also a representing case of an immigrant society.This dual identity creates both strength and challenges for Dalang in its process of urbanization.Today,with the gathering of domestic and international experts and scholars from the fields of urbanization,urban reinvigoration,social development,and environmental reservation,this forum hopes to bring forth thought provoking conversations about the development of Dalang and China’s urbanization,what we should do and where we can learn from.

The happening of this forum partly relies on the efforts of the volunteers.We hope the forum couldalso help to make known Dalang’s advocacy for “a fashionable silicon valley and an eco-friendly Dalang,”both aiming at boosting the sense of belonging andfulfillment of Dalang’s young workers.


Foreword for the Photography Exhibitionin of Dalang Bicycle

Since the industrial civilization , especially since urban civilization is oriented to launch the process of urbanization since the efforts of the majority of mankind is to isolate themselves from the earth .

The beginning is that we invented shoes, feet from the soil gravel floor where isolated , but we also feel the earth solid or, if soft ; later we invented cement concrete, the surface hardening , the same as the mercury spilled spread to the earthworms , moles, crickets re-create a canopy overhead , the perception of the human foot and the earth completely separated . Still later, we invented the automobile , with iron to the body wrapped up, it was found that the speed of the internal combustion engine produced , there is a savage pleasure without any explanation , the human from the natural snuggle with effective distance tear open.

The tear in the very beginning , with intense pleasure , as just entering the era of industrial civilization futuristic literature has shown the same pains to praise factories, buildings, speeding car …… But soon , the human like a runaway child , like regret, the negative impact of automobile era overshadowed speed quickly bring pleasure .

People are once again looking for a way to link the earth , and start biking.

The benefits of bike that can reduce the speed to escape the pull of the internal combustion engine , feel the terrain , can not enter the city into the car fold , an interpersonal grew from the Abandoned Garden , an Admittance site , a broken end road , a small Gangcha …… bike outside in addition to a means of transport , or an exploration tool , a rover .

But the bike is still dangerous , full occupation of the city in the car of the moment, the confrontation between the metal and the human skin , no doubt is a natural weakness bike , even if Critical Mass movement ( a temporary build-up against a lot of bike sport car city ) sweeping the globe, still but nothing more than taking the victory.

Only retreated to the greenway bike up, which is a natural viewing areas throughout the urban core area with the new bike path, is the Chinese city manager ‘s initiative to re- build a neglected abandoned for many years low-speed transportation network, has just begun .

In Longhua District , Big Wave Green Road leads in two directions , respectively, Guanlan and bright , suitable for dozens of kilometers of flat road riding , nestled in the trees along the road with view of the countryside.

With the image of the green trail riding instantly fixed, and build on display , with the exhibition show the form of a bicycle wheel and the earth the way links , for the fledgling green road construction has a positive impetus and hope in the near future be able to see to , greenway only has tourism and leisure functions in the urban core area greenways can develop slowly evolved into a system to improve the traffic system .



By: Baixiaoci ( Bedbikecity promoters , iron shells founder , photographer )

Shenzhen : Dalang’s Bicycle week start

After four months of preparation, the bike vigor week was officially kicked off this morning , in the eyes of the public expect , “Wyatt ride photo exhibition about the world ,” the eight inkjet, eight kinds of topics , eight laborers Square in mood positioning , the interpretation of bicycle fun and meaning. We also invited the “pleasure trip city,” one of the founders white spines for ” Wyatt riding world photo exhibition ” Zhaobi write preamble , white spines teacher said: In addition to being a means of transport other than a bike , or an explorationTool , a rover .

At the same time , “Urban Environmental Culture Exhibition ” is also the joint efforts of partners Yangtaishan bloom in Forest Park Square, attracting tourists and young workers between partner ‘s eye. Looking at the past, environmental and cultural development of blue printing cloth, blue tents, residents of blue carbon reduction is truly eye-catching charts . Meanwhile, we are also starting material exchange activities , the simple bicycle water bottle into a unique symbol vitality weeks later, his face covered with a smile of joy .

This afternoon , we will continue to increase , ” Young Workers take you swim waves ” and ” Melodies Big Wave ” campaign, welcome more partners to join small .

Please pay attention to our micro-channel : big waves big school to learn more about bike vigor week News ; please recommend to your buddies to join this fantastic bike trip !

Bedbikecity was invited to attend the 922 Salon @Guangzhou

14th of this month, Bedbikecity team was invited to join in Guangzhou Car Free Day Salon 922, which was held by Guangzhou Bike NGO. Bedbikecity  team attended  and  had a keynote speech to share and interact with on-site people,the speakers also includes Mr.Morgan, British Consulate General in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Rising Sun public bicycle company collaborators Jiang Ping.

Luming Florist permanent C retro cycling trip project:first line of the city’s creative Bedbikecity chain collaboration

Luming Florist permanent C retro cycling trip project:first line of the city’s creative Bedbikecity chain collaboration.

Luming Florist permanent C retro cycling trip project, will be the first start, Bedbikecity: “the city’s creative chaincooperation” . Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Florist Luming as – Bedbikecity’s first line of the city BEDBIKECITY cooperation network, providing a permanent C retro bicycle rental business, which today has six bicycles from Shanghai, will soon reach Luming Florist. Welcome to everyone’s attention, the location in the east OCT Youth Hostel.

Bedbikecity: “the city’s creative chaincooperation” : from 2007 has been committed to promoting environmental improvement of urban cycling trips and travel Bedbikecity OK Association sponsored charity organization, aims to virtual communities and offline Bedbikecity line experience, and promote the city’s creative units such cafes , florist, convenience stores, and so the link between the traveler experience, and enhance traveler interpersonal communication.